Be a #LifterNotAShifter

Lift Pit is a record of my fitness journey through lifting. I enjoy the gym and I find the challenge of lifting weights, one that switches my competitive side on!

I'm a regular guy with a family, a business to run and seemingly hardly any time to look after myself. But I refused to accept that it couldn't be done! With a few small changes, I've managed to find the time to do things I want to in the gym.

Lift Pit follows my journey and hopefully it may help someone else out there who may be feeling the same things I was a few short months ago. Read on here and don't forget to follow on Instagram, YouTube and on Facebook.

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Gareth's Lifting Profile

  • D.O.B: 06/08/1983

  • Height: 5'11.5

  • Weight: 15.5 stone (220 lbs/100kg)

PBs (1RM):

  • Squat

    • 185kg / 407lbs / 29 stone 

    • Lifted in: 2012

  • Deadlift

    • 210kg / 462lbs / 33 stone 

    • Lifted in: 2012

  • Bench

    • 105kg / 231lbs / 16.5 stone 

    • Lifted in: 2012

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Lichfield, Staffordshire